History of the Bruggerhof

We are now the 3rd generation of the Reiter family to run the Bruggerhof in Kitzbühel.

With our innovative mobile homes on the campground, our organic store and our ORGANIC HOTEL, the Bruggerhof is a place where tradition and modernity go hand-in-hand, in the middle of Tyrol’s Alpine world.

How it all began …

Operated as a farm until 1955, the Bruggerhof continues to be run in harmony with nature to this very day. A new era at the Bruggerhof was launched in 1955 when Josef Reiter decided to open his doors to tourists and guests. This included creating a green campground right on the shores of the Schwarzsee – which represented a real innovation back in the 1950s!

1960 saw the offer expanded, with a hotel and restaurant opened in addition to the campground. Just one year later and the Reiter family decided to build an additional building – for even greater space and comfort.

Even at that point, the Reiter Family was not about to rest on its laurels; Josef Reiter (first generation) continues to keep the Bruggerhof up to date: Whether room renovations, a kitchen remodeling, modernization of the sanitary facilities or expansion of the restaurant, guests have always been able to enjoy the modern and beautifully maintained facilities.

The arrival of a new millennium

In 1990, Josef Reiter Sr. and his wife Ingrid took over the parents’ business.

True to the innovative spirit of the father, in 1994 they opened the hotel’s newly built suites. In this way, they were now able to offer perfect holiday retreats for all tastes, from close-to-nature experiences on the campground to vacations with every comfort in the suites. Josef and Ingrid continued to play a pioneering role in Kitzbühel: In 1996, the Bruggerhof became the first campground in Austria to offer a camping-gas refueling station.

That same year, they added a number of highlights to Kitzbühel’s recreational opportunities: constructing a mini golf course, their own tennis court and more. At the turn of the millennium, they again upgraded the sanitary facilities at the campground. A new milestone was set in 2007 with the building of the wellness oasis: This building with panoramic picture-windows treats guests to unique views of the Alps, even while they are sitting comfortably in the hot tub.

Furthermore, a photovoltaic system was installed on the hotel roof to generate eco-friendly power.

Generation Future

Since 2014, Josef Reiter Jr. has been an active part of the business, bringing a fresh new breeze to the Bruggerhof. Josef transformed the small shop on the campground into an organic store known as “BioGreißler”, a store that is also popular with local consumers.

For an alternative holiday experience, four mobile homes were built on the campground in 2019.
Consistent with its commitment to modernity, tradition and closeness to nature, the Bruggerhof has been a member of the Bio HOTELS association since 2020. As the very first organic-certified hotel in Kitzbühel, Josef Reiter Jr. has been a trailblazer for sustainable holidays in a breathtaking natural setting.

But this is only the beginning for the new generation at BIO HOTEL Bruggerhof. Josef Reiter Jr. has many ideas and plans for the Bruggerhof. We are sure to be pleasantly surprised!

The combination of camping, organic store, mobile homes and organic hotel as part of a sustainable overall concept is unique in Europe!

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